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Anna Clendening with Ella Isaacson

October 5 7:00 pm PDT

Main Stage

Doors Open: 6:30 pm


You know the friend you can call at three in the morning on a weekday and spill your guts, heart, soul, and everything else to? Anna Clendening will remind you of that friend. She listens intently. She never censors herself. She embraces her flaws. And she provokes transparency in return. Her music is no different. The Chapel Hill-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter relates on the most powerful, passionate, and primal level.

“We’re all human,” says Anna. “Why spend time proving you’re happy and you have things together when you don’t? Whether you’re upfront about it or not, we’re all going through it in some capacity. There’s a lot of polished stuff out there. It’s very pretty, and it’s great—but it’s not me. I’m trying to make people feel better about themselves. I’m just a human encouraging you to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Unfiltered lyrics ripped right from her notebook, robust vocals quaking with emotion, and brutal honesty enable her to do so. These ingredients struck a chord with listeners everywhere when she released her RIAA certified Gold single “Boys Like You” in 2017. 100 million-plus streams and views later, she quietly established an unbreakable connection with fans who now feel like family. Acclaimed by Billboard, OnesToWatch, and more, her debut EP Waves generated over 150 million streams in under six months. Along the way, she joined gnash on the road and headlined her own Waves Tour. Simultaneously, she lent her voice to high-profile collaborations with Illenium [“Broken Ones”], Lost Kings [“Too Far Gone”], and Phantoms [“Say It”], to name a few. Signing to Atlantic Records, she dove into writing her 2020 EP and first full-length offering. During intense writing sessions, she faced a different side of herself and the journey thus far.

“I’m a Pisces, so I’m very emotional, super sensitive, and a hopeless romantic,” Anna says. “Since Waves came out, I’ve been in a couple of relationships. There weren’t a lot of relationship songs on the last project, so I wanted to write a bunch of songs following the evolution of a relationship here. You can listen to it when you’re in love, or if you’re ready to breakup. Every session is not only a writing session for me, but also a therapy session, which is both taxing and wonderful. The songs come right from my life.”

Throughout the process, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Years of anxiety and struggles with mental health preceded this realization. She recalls her first panic attack in choir at the age of fourteen and the brutal bullying at school spurned by a Facebook page titled, “If This Group Gets 50 Likes, I’ll Send Anna Clendening to Therapy.” She first “came out about anxiety” via a 2014 Vine video and carefully relayed the ups and downs of these experiences into her music. Moving to Los Angeles for her career proved trying as various “emotional relapses” necessitated a brief return to North Carolina in 2018 and a proper diagnosis a year later.

Anna’s 2020 single “Get Me” reflects her growth. Lone guitar reverberates against breathy verses as she recounts, “I got you tattooed on my skin to remind myself that I’m better than this, so did you think you’d show up and I’d let you in?” The newfound confidence bleeds into the refrain, “You didn’t get me then, so you don’t get me now.”

By way of this candor, the EP and album ultimately prove Anna is a source of universal encouragement.

“About five years ago, someone came up to me and said, ‘By fighting through your anxiety in this huge uncomfortable moment on stage, you made me feel so comfortable’,” she leaves off. “I was like, ‘Well shit, now I’m in it. I’ve got to be open about it.’ I want you to be able to scream my music in the car. I want you to feel like the things going through your head are normal. I want you to feel empowered. I want you to feel loved. I am loud. I am obnoxious. I am a potty mouth. I’m very emotional. I write music. I wear sweatpants. I’m myself. I’m just fucking human, man,” she smiles.

with Ella Isaacson

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October 5
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