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Jane. with Estrada

March 24 7:00 pm PDT

Main Stage

Doors Open: 6:30pm


Contextualizing the life of a musician is typically a fickle and tedious task. The gaze of the audience usually prioritizes ethnicity before considering the music. Herein lies the rub for an artist like Jane.: how to express his multicultural identity through his music, while letting the music speak for itself? The paradoxes of art are many, and Raj Jain — like all of us during the pandemic — was thrust into an isolation, leaving him to confront his interiority through the sonic exploration of his spiritual center. Every artist is aloud an indulgence, in fact, we the audience are hoping to be taken on some kind of unexpected ride. For Jane., manifesting his spiritual rebirth while in isolation demanded a meditation on the ocean. Jane.’s sonic journey moves upon waves, both within and without. The first wave started as it should: playing guitar at the beach, in Raj’s words, “At times, embarrassingly barefoot.” This nebulous starting off point is exactly what Raj meditated on during isolation, his intuitive and sincere beginnings. The doubleness of such a contemplation is the negative aspect of the music industry, the persona-oriented nature of social media. This is a game that Jane. will not master because the mastery lies in the manipulation of representation, as opposed to the ethos of the Jane. opus: genuine expression of the Self through music. This philosophy of cutting through the superficial frequency of social media is a return to the code of art, the very thing that hooked us all at a very young age.

Jane.’s musical aesthetic comes from the tradition of dream pop and brit pop from the 90’s. You might even think of shoegaze, but with a lyrical expression that brings you in closer beyond its beguiling sounds. Comparison is odious, and it comes at a price, but Jane. knows he’s in good company. This is music that lasts, music that doesn’t pander to taste and trend; rather, this is music that transcends trend, it has defined us and it continues to permeate our daily lives.

Raj grew up half Indian, a quarter black, and a quarter white in both America and India. How does one relate to their environment when their environment is unsure of them? This is Jane.’s task, the personal expression of identity always within and without of his cultural context, through sonic representation. It is in this interstitial conflict that Jane. plays out the theater of his music; to belong, or to be the Other? This unique duality is not only the didactic of Raj’s internal life, but it is the music of Jane.. No wonder the ocean continues to be Raj’s muse, the artist’s obsession must be as protean as the artist himself.

Jane.’s music has its roots in a community of musicians, a history of sound. This is the very thing that Jane. hopes to not only participate in, but to help cultivate. “A community of peace,” Raj says, while adding, “But not in a live love laugh sort of way,” This awareness and sincerity is the duality of Jane.: explore peace, but do not be superficial. At no time in history has this task been more challenging, yet, Jane.’s music reaches the listener with brazen disregard for optics, for posturing, for the insipid aspect of the industry in which this music will exist. As long as the music finds you, as long as the ocean exists, there is always the potential to be moved, to be taken out to the sea of imagination upon a wave.

ESTRADA is a Guatemalan-American artist from Hawthorne, CA. He is known for his signature foogaze sound that evokes emotions of nostalgia, comfort, and hopefulness. He is a self-taught musician who writes, produces, and records his own music. Global Money World has called his music “timeless” and that it “goes beyond just great music, but is a heartfelt art piece that people will be able to enjoy on a spiritual level.”

His upcoming single releases in Q2 2022 with lots of other surprises in the works for the year.

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Ages: 21 and up


March 24
7:00 pm PDT


Hotel Cafe
1623 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, 90028 United States


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